How to Activate Windows 10 without Software | Activate windows by running Batch File | Easy Fix Now

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No need to run the batch file again, just restart your computer and you can see the result. Thanks, everyone. Kindly subscribe to this channel for your love and support.
Your windows 7 8 and 10 will activate easily.
1. Check this windows copy is not activated
2. We will activate it soon
3. open a web browser
4. Search for, Windows 10 Activator TXT
5. Agree to the terms
6. Click That link on the Top
7. Copy and paste it into the notebook
8. Turn off Windows Defender or any other antivirus
9. Save note pad as “activator.bat”
10. Now Run the “activator.bat” file as an administrator
11. Windows 10 is now activated

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