How to Install Windows 10 in VMware Workstation 16 Pro Player Step by Step Easy-Peasy Virtual Win10

In this tutorial we use VMware Workstation 16:
The software allows creating and managing virtual machines or VMs on your x86-based laptop or desktop computer.
About This Video = In this video, we will be learning how to install windows 10 latest version.
Check this Video for Step by Step to Install Windows in VMware Workstation.
1. Create a VM machine
2. Choose the Windows Image file
3. Choose the location to save the machine
4. Choose space for the machine
5. Power on the machine
6. Press any key to Boot from the Image file
7. Choose your country and language
8. Skip Key say you don’t have it, and then choose the windows to type you want to install
9. Choose the disk where you want to install
10. Please be patient and let the windows copy files and install the windows for you
11. The window will restart here
12. Choose your region
13. Choose your keyboard layout
14. Choose the network to connect to if you have one
15. Choose username and password
16. Choose other options that you need to
17. Please be patient and let the windows built desktop for you
18. Here is your desktop but wait you need to install VMware tools
19. Please be patient, and let the VMware tools be installed on the system
20. You need to restart Windows to get it done

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