How to set up & change 🌐 Own Child Custom Private NameServers Glue Records Hostname in WHM cPanel 🖥️

In this video, we will learn about Domain Name Server & How to Create Child Custom or Private NameServers sometimes called Glue Records for your Domain instead of using your hosting Nameserveryou can use your own created Server Address that you can point to the same IP as Your Hosting Account in WHM/cPanel

DNS is often considered one of the toughest parts of web hosting. Luckily, WHM makes it much easier to configure your nameservers. In this Tutorial, we will walk through how to set up private nameservers in WHM and makes sure to check all of the boxes along the way.

This tutorial is not only for our Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated Server customers. For those with a reseller account, this is an optional step, but for those with a VPS or Dedicated Server, this step will be necessary to get your server properly configured.
But This can be done by Contacting your Hosting provider HZMFR by creating a ticket, Customer service will be happy to help you create your cPanel manually for your Private NameServers
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If you are looking to professionally brand your company on the web, or you are wanting to give your clients that extra level of security, then this is a step you will not want to miss it.

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